IPP's New Community of Practice: Cultivating Conscious, Connected & Creative Peacemakers


You are invited to join The Round Table!

Interfaith Paths to Peace believes an essential element to building a more peaceful and just city is through cultivating conscious, connected, and creative leaders. To that end, we are launching The Round Table, a monthly community of practice designed to empower diverse participants from across our city with the wisdom, connections, and resources needed for personal and social transformation. Each month we will gather for a shared meal, co-learning, networking, and creative collaboration.  

Membership Commitment

Members of the community are asked to make a commitment to:  Gather once a month, follow a self-designed path for personal growth, share what is emerging in one’s life and work, make connections across boundaries, and creatively collaborate with others. 

Gatherings of The Round Table will usually be held on the Second Tuesday of every month from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at Launch Louisville (816 East Broadway, 40204).

Dinner is an essential part of the experience and will be catered by Louisville’s foreign-born and black-owned restaurants. 

Cost & Registration

Membership (required)

Complete the Membership Form to join The Round Table Community of Practice:


Monthly  Gatherings

Registration is required at least 5 days prior to each monthly gathering.  The cost is $15 and includes dinner.*

*If the monthly cost is prohibitive, please contact Jud Hendrix at [email protected] or 502-235-3250.

Monthly gatherings

The structure of The Round Table gatherings will alternate between two different models: 1) Harvesting and harnessing collective wisdom, and 2) Workshops to build essential capacities for transformative leadership.

Monthly Gathering Dates & Themes

April 14 - Theme - Creative Peacemaking: Exploring the Intersection of Spirituality, Creativity, and Activism

May 12 - Workshop - The Art of Hosting

June 16 - Theme - No Justice, No Peace: Economic Development and Black Louisville  

July 14 - Workshop - Managing Polarities

August 11 - Theme - TBA

September 8 - Workshop - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

October - Theme - TBA

November - Five Integral Maps For Change Workshop 

December - Theme - TBA

Gathering Model #1 - Harvesting and Harnessing Collective Wisdom

An essential aspect of transformative systems change leadership is cultivating awareness of what is happening in different sectors of our city and connecting with others around shared interests and passions. The Round Table is designed to help facilitate these connections through Flash Frame Presentations, Conversation Cafe and Open Space technologies. 

Gathering Model #2 - Workshops

Every other month we will follow a workshop model inviting participants to cultivate an essential capacity for conscious leadership (i.e. Diversity & Equity Training, Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Polarity Management, The Art of Hosting).

The Mythology of The Round Table

The Round Table of the Arthurian legends is a mythical image that arises in all cultures and religions, and focuses on a type of shared leadership that results in an ideal, peaceful and just society. The table is round to signify a community of equals where everyone is welcome, honored and heard. 

This Round Table is a representation of alchemical leadership, which emerges from intentional personal growth, flows into a clear vision and sense of mission, and then manifests in collaboration with others in healthy, egalitarian and creative relationships which have the capacity to continually heal what is broken and bring back into harmony what has become disjointed and chaotic.