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Islam Unplugged: Islam Outside the Media | 08/2018  View Event

World Peace Coffeehouse | 07/2018  View Event

Quiet Louisville | 05/2018  View Event

Reflections of a Murder Victim’s Daughter on the Death Penalty & Its Abolition | 04/2018  View event

Sadiqa Reynolds:  Justice...Everywhere! | 03/2018   View event

Islam A Religion of Peace? An Army Veteran's Perspective | 03/2018   View event

Redlining in Louisville: History of Race, Class & Real Estate | 02/2018   View event

Racial and Economic Equity in the Jefferson County Public Schools | 01/2018   View event 

Special Meditation with Harry Pickens | 12/2017   View event

Your Neighbor's Religion: Islam | 11/2017   View event

Your Neighbor's Religion: Buddhism | 10/2017   View event

Your Neighbor's Religion: Baha'i Faith | 09/2017   View event

Your Neighbor's Religion: Jewish Faith | 08/2017   View event

Peace Vigil for Charlottesville | 08/2017   View event

#Faithinlou Kickoff! | 06/2017   View  event

An America Without Immigrants: Application & Implication | 05/2017   View event

One Step Ahead of Hitler: A Little Boy's Long Run Home | 05/2017   View event

Islamophobia & Intro to Islam | 04/2017   View event

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